The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years Wiki

Demigods are transcendental being that lived in the Mortal World. Demigods comes in huge variety and can display a wide range of unique abilities.


The Demigods Control & Influence most of the nations including Kastkau Empire.

4000 years ago the Dragons with the assistance of the Humans fought against the Demigods and were defeated. The remaining dragons were enslaved by the Demigods to humiliate them.


All demigods are said to be equal, but in reality, their status and influence vary greatly.


The Lord is the strongest of all Demigods. He was the first fragment of God which gained consciousness, therefore he is the Leader of the Demigods.


There are five apocalypses in total discounting Lord. They are the strongest after the Lord, they are said to be able to dominate Ancients.

Riki was the second fragment of God which gained consciousness the four followed him.

The Apocalypse of Death caused the fall of the Traumen Rings alone


The total number of demigods should be less than 100.





A Demigod can make / must make an Apostle after a certain period of time


  • Gods Rules: they can't kill too many people because they would disappear.
  • Apostles: if their Apostle dies then they will fall into hibernation. The time differs between individuals, but the Demigod will fall into a deep sleep for at least 100 years