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Lucas Traumen is the Main Protagonist of The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years.


Past Life : He was very handsome with defined muscles, dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

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Current Life : He currently has pearl white hair, and is considered very handsome. His hair is very long, and reaches down past his shoulders. Hs stature is typical for a 20 year old, but after powering up, he looks very puny and extremely malnourished. These effects go away after a short time though. After he became Transcendent all of Frey's features disappeared and he turned back to his original appearance. The only difference that his Transcendence appearance had to that of a normal human is that his eyes had no pupil, but were made of pure blue energy.


In the manhwa he is known to be playboy who likes older ladies. He doesn't care about rank or status, and is only concerned with defeating Demigod. Although he is friendly towards allies and will offer them advice on improving their magic.↵In the novel, Lukas takes on a more calm and serious personality. He is not someone who would let his emotions get the best of him (unless if it is matters regarding demigods or his friends from 4000 years ago). He would always analyze the situation quietly before deciding what actions to take.



Season 1[]

At the beginning of the novel Lukas Trowman fought against Lord who than imprisoned him in the Abyss. Lukas was captured in the abyss for 4000 years, than he saw Frey Blake who has poisoned himself and died. Lukas took over the body of Frey and thus escaped the abyss. After that Lukas began training until he reached 5 Stars. Lukas than went to Ispania Mountains since he thought his old friend Schweiser Wilsemann would have placed his inheritance there, and he was right. Before he went to the Schweiser’s Dungeon he saved a small Phoenix that he later named Nix and reached 6 Stars. After he successfully conquered Schweiser’s Dungeon Lukas got a 1Million ME Core.

, Lukas then visited the Jun Family. At the residence of the Jun Family he received some interesting information about the Circles and Shepherd Jun tried to recruit him to join Strow Necklaces. Lukas than went to the Magic Tower, reached there 7 Stars and finally killed the Apostle Lukess of Indra. After that he was visited by various Circles including the 3 Great Circles and Trowman Rings. Beniang Argento successfully managed to recruit him, they went to the base of Trowman Rings he than forced all those Circles near them to give back all that they stole and to never attack Trowman Rings again. Lukas than became the Circle Rounder of Trowman Rings, trained them and left to location where the Apostle of Nozdog was located. At this position he first met Ivan who than introduced him to Riki. Lukas first was very suspicious about Riki since he was a Demigod. After they talked and Riki explained various things Luk

as told him that he killed the Apostle of Indra. Riki thus used Space-Time Movement and killed Indra, his Divine Power was like that of every Demigod now condensed in a Crystal. Riki than send both kucas and Ivan to kill Nozdogs apostle. This apostle later turned out to be a member of the High Elves that live in the High Elve village that governs the Great Forest. Furthermore he was Oydin De Predickwood the adoptive brother of Snow De Predickwood who was the current queen and also Riki's Apostle. Later it turned out that Oydin De Predickwood was a fake apostle that was made to lure out the Traitor. Because of this Lord held than a converence of all Demigods that would only end after the traitor was found. Riki who didn't want to take his real apostle with him asked Lucas to accompany him, in exchange he helps him to increase his strength. Lucas accepted and Riki helped Lucas with 2 things. First to reach 8 Stars, and second to get the power of Indra, this was only possible since Frey Blake had the blood of the Blake Family. kucas than accompanied Riki to a mask store to hide his appearance and divine power. At this store he first met Hekt, r a survivor of the Dragon Race and one of the 3 Greatest Alchemists on the Continent. ehan they went to the Demigod meeting place in Luanoble Kingdom which was one of Riki's former territories. After the apocalypses gathered one of them used the newly invented, that was used Illuminium to break free from the restrictions that were placed on them, and killed all knight near them. The Apocalypses suggested to show the true identity of their apostles to one another and kucas learned thus of all of them. Except for Nix who now became Agnis apostle he wanted to kill all of them. In the meeting Riki challenges all the other Apocalypses, injures them, and later dies at the hands of Lord. The all Apocalypses except Leyrin who wasn't injured need one year to recover. Leyrin and Lord cant make any moves in that year since they need to oversee the recovery of the apostles. kucas could only escape alive because Iris Phisfounder used the favor that Lord owed her. He took Rikis crystal and left the meeting place where he met his brother Heinz Blake and the Circle Rounder of Phisfounder Armelts Sheryl. They attack him first but later accompany him to the Blake Familys residence, where the first of the apostles lived. This Apostle was the apostle of Leyrin, Reita Blake the mother of Frey Blake. Lucas also met the princess of the Kastkau Empire Fiore Diak Kastkau who was protected by Paragon. The founder of Parag,on Cairo Wilseman tried to recruit kucas. kucas ehan successfully got rid of his mother, thus forcing Leyrin into hibernation. After a while the demigods that came to protect Leyrins apostle arrived and challenged kucas who already killed her. One of Paragon 9 Star mages Diablo helps him. iCaro brings kucas to the base of Paragon and Cairo Wilseman once again tries to recruit kucas and even offer him to make him the first 10 Star mage in existence. He doesn't join them but agrees to have an ally relationship with them. Cairo Wilseman, Diablo and Lucas decide to rescue Hektor, thus uniting the 3 Greatest alchemists of the Continent. kucas than asks them to make a Golem for the 1 Million ME Core. After that the Lord sacrifices Leyrin heal the other Apocalypses. The demigods now declare war on all Humans. kucas goes to the demigod Riki mentioned before his death Elliah. Elliah trains him until he reaches 9 Star Mage. Meanwhile the 3 Great Circles and any other Circles hold a conference what they should do now. Rezil Wilseman nearly successfully convinces the other circles to submit to the demigods. Following this kucas killed all the traitors including Rezil Wilseman and unites all Circles to fight against the demigods. Frey goes back to Paragon to receive the now complete Golem Anastasia. Anastasia has a copy of Schweiser Wilsemanns memory. Anastasia and kucas now go to the Agnis territory. There Ivan already gathered many fighters to fight against Agni. After kucas once again defeated a Demigod and absorbed his crystal his Divine Power is as high as his mana. Some time later kucas fights against Norn, kucas gets poisoned by Anantas poison and nearly dies. In a near death state Frey gets pulled in his own conscious where the absorbed demigods tried to get revenge. kucas gets saved by Riki and than trains with him to get stronger. Now kucas surpasses the limits of mortals. Since this all happened in a state of near death in kucas conscious 880 years passed there but only seconds passed in reality. Frey now defeats Norn, than fights against Agni who he also defeats easily. Frey, Ivan, Dro and Anastasia than go a ship that moves to Hitume Ikar. On the way there they meets a strange creature with two heads and a dragon heart. The dragon head was that of kuc'as teacher Isolla. On the Island kucas meets the Great Medium who tries to convince kucas of the existence of God. To prove her claims she brings kucas to a place where they can meet. kucas orawman ehan became the first human to meet God. God tells him some things about the truth of the World. Frey than goes to the Island with the Great Medium and kills the Assasin King Jenta, which forces Ananta into eternep. Directly after that Lucifer the strongest of the 6 Archdukes of the demon world appears in front of him. He asks him to go to Hell with him, Lucuk agrees to go to the hell where some Demigods already await his arrival. Unexpectedly Lord ordered them to not fight against him but threat him as one of their own. Now Frey once again stands in front of Lord, who has already recovered some of his memories as Michael. Lord successfully convinces Lucak to make a temporary alliance with him instead of Lucifer. Although Lucak accepts he never intends to keep his promise. Lucak now gathers allies. Those allies are the other 5 Archdukes, but unexpectedly Lucifer already thought that this will happen and kills Zefar. The battle of the 3 strongest beeings in existence Lord, Lucifer and Lucak Trawoan happens now. Lucifer a fallen Angel who once had 12 pairs of wings fuses has already fused with the Dragon Lord. The now completely insane Lord also has new powers, he absorbed all Demigods except few that he couldn't until now. In that battle Lucak allies with Lord to defeat Lucifer. Frey finally decides to become a Transcendent, but his power is still inferior to the other two. While Lucifer is distracted with Lucak Lord kills him. Lord now gets stronger with every second that passes and slowly approaches the domain of God. At this point the final battle between Lord and Lucak happens. In that battle Lucak creates the first ever 9 Star Spell in existence. Creating such a spell would burst the brain of any normal existence, but at that point of time Lucak is definitely not normal. He knows that this spell is not enough to defeat Lord and tries to create a 10 Star spell. He managed to successfully to make the 10 Star Spell Wizard World, additionally he managed to make his own version of Dragontongue, but much stronger. He named it Endtongue, this one had the power to last much longer than the Dragontongue that dragons used. At the end of the battle he gave Lord the command <Die>. This however didn't kill Lord and because of the backlash Lucak lost the battle between the two. Following this, Lord 'killed' him. Lord thaneoffered Asura, who came to distract Lord, Satan's core and offered him to become the Balance of hell, but after he only distracted him, he killed him. Iris thanereceived the dead body of the Great Mage, which made Lord very angry. Lord thanewent to the Mortal World. Meanwhile Lucak recovered and swallowed the Dragon Lords true Core. He than once again challenged Lord, who couldn't at that point be called the Lord he once was. After a short battle Lucak defeated him, before Lord died he spit out both Cores that he owned, the Core of the Demon Worlds Balance Satan thand e core of the Celestial Worlds balance Michael, since that would allow him to die as a true Demigod. After that battle God appeared once again, Lucak and God made a agreement. Lucak asked him to revive Iris Phisfounder, God accepted under the condition that he swallows both cores in front of him, thus becoming a Absolute. Additionally Lucak needs to accompany God to all the other Worlds in the universe. Lucak accepts and says goodbye to all his friends. He tells Ivan to take over command of the Circles as their leader, tells Anastasia to help Ivan, tells Elliah that she is now the only remaining demigod, tells Nix who absorbs Agni to look for her people and lastly he talks to the newly revived Iris Phisfounder to wait for him. The last thing in the novel is, that Lucak leaves behind the three World and flies through space to other world to free the humans that live there from suffering. There are world where humans are only Livestock of insects that eat them as they want, or worlds where they live as slaves and some are even worse than those.

Season 2[]

He was first seen in the second season on Earth. Here he was captured by some demons and later gets auctioned as a slave to them. As soon as he gets bought he kills the demon that bought him, the demon duke Sandro. At that time he lived already for some decades on Earth, but the time that passed since he left the Mortal World is most likely much bigger, since at that point of time he was already the number 2 among the Absolutes. Furthermore he has offended all of the 4 strongest existences in the multiverse, the 4 Rulers and most of the other Absolutes.


Training Method[]

  • Assimilation: a training method devised by Schweiser Wilsemann. The most distinctive feature of this practice was that the effect varied greatly depending on the mental discipline of the trainee.[3]
  • Amplification: a training method devised by Schweiser Wilsemann.
  • Battling: a training method devised by Kassajin. It consists of dividing the Mana Room in two equal parts. One part assumes the properties of fire and the other part the properties of water. The mana, which now had opposing properties, began to try suppress each other. As the balance was regained, the mana was refined further.


  • ?-Stars Spells
    • Ice Spear
    • Fly
    • Wind Storm
    • Earth Wall
    • Explosion
    • Wind Cutter
    • Gravity Explosion (WT chap 86)
    • Barrier
  • 1-Star Spells
    • Spear of light, pierce through the enemy - Magic Missile
  • 2-Star Spells
    • Balls of flame soaring through the air - Fireball
  • 3-Star Spells
    • Bind their voices - Chain Lightning
  • 4-Star Spells
    • The Ruler of Earth devours you - Earthquake
  • 5-Star Spells
    • Transient Spear
    • Light Scythe
    • Earthquake
    • My enemies will forever dance in fields of flames - Flame Ball
  • 6-Stars Spells
    • The screams of ice tear the eardrums - Frost Scream
    • Hyper Bolt
    • Howling Tempest
  • 7-Stars Spells
    • Burning Ground
    • The condensed lava roars - Lava Blast
    • Frost Breath
    • Blizzard
  • 8-Stars Spells
    • Ghost
    • Hell's Rain
    • At a gesture of my hand, the frozen era breathes a deep sigh - Ice Age
    • Another Sun
    • Tornado
    • Mantle Rage
  • 9-Stars Spells (Don't exist)
    • Ability of a 9-Star Mage - Absolute Field
      • Absolute Beam
    • Only 9 Class Spell Created by Lukas Trowman - Infinity Field
  • 10-Stars Spells
    • Wizard's World
    • Endtongue

DemiGod Powers[]

    • "'Indra's Lightning"'
    • "'Clairvoyance"'
    • "'Sword Apocalypse Abilities"'
    • "'Past, Present And Future Sight"'
    • "Agni's Flames"'
    • "'Space"'

Magic Martial Arts[]

  • Physical Improvement by Mana: Lucas/Frey is using the Warrior King Fists from Kassajin. He knows that his body is unsuited towards magic martial arts, but remains strong while being barely a 2nd rank Magic Warrior.


  • Darkness Spirit Magic


  • Typhoon Earrings: It helps the mind concentrate smoothly and contains barrier magic.
  • The Great Sage’s Staff: It makes your Mana purer and concentrated it to the maximum, increasing your magic power by several times. It also has the effect of storing 5 spells that could be used in emergency situations.
  • Anastasia: A golem core created by Schweiser Wilsemann.
  • Salamander’s Robe: A robe particularly resistant to fire magic.



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